Bonding Over Racquetball

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My youngest son and I have never been incredibly close. We just don’t seem to have that much in common, and therefore it’s always been difficult for us to find something to bond over. He’s an avid hunter… I don’t particularly like hunting, and I definitely can’t run out to the truck and ooooh and ahhhhhh over the massive buck he has proudly displayed in the back. I like NASCAR… he could take it or leave it. He’s ridden skateboards and BMX bikes over the years, and while I always went to his competitions to support him, there wasn’t much interaction between the two of us.

Last year, he joined the volunteer fire department. I’m incredibly proud of him, and always sit and listen to him share his exciting stories with me – sometimes I’m the middle-of-the-night therapist who listens to him when he needs to talk out and process a particularly difficult call he’s just come home from – but it’s not something that we’re doing together, and certainly not something fun that we can enjoy each other’s company while doing.

But over the weekend, I think we finally hit on something! Last week, one of the local gyms came to the fire department and signed anyone who wanted to up for a special group rate. My son has wanted to join the gym for a while now, and this was the local club that has indoor racquetball courts, so G (my son), my husband, and I all joined.

I used to play 2-3 hours of racquetball a day when I was in college, but since that was a lifetime ago, G sort of blew me off and didn’t take me seriously. He went every night last week and played with his friends, so when he and I played on Friday morning, he was confident that he would be beat me without much effort.
The poor child is still reeling from the shock of having his mom beat him 3 games to 0. 😀 Not only that, as soon as we got in the car, I called his best friend to share the good news – he’s like my adopted 3rd son… he’s also on the fire department, so I knew this good news would spread like wild fire… pardon the pun, I couldn’t pass that up! LOL
On Saturday, while working the annual fire department BBQ plate fundraiser, I got lots of praise from the guys on the department, a few of them want to play me, and G was a tremendously good sport about the whole thing! We’ve had a lot of fun laughing and joking about it, and we’re scheduled for a rematch on Monday morning (provided I’m not at the dentist/endodontist dealing with a tooth issue).

Who would’ve thought a good old fashioned ass whipping on the racquetball court would’ve been the thing to bring us together?! LOL

While at the gym on Sunday, my husband and I met a couple who met on the racquetball court! They were playing against each other in a competition, and he beat her. She said to him, “I can’t believe you actually beat me!” 😀 I’m not sure what happened after that, but she said they celebrated their 10 year anniversary on Valentine’s Day.

So what about you? What oddball thing has been the magnet that drew you together with someone?

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6 responses to “Bonding Over Racquetball”

  1. What a lovely story Alannah, I am so pleased that you have found something to bond over. I am lucky in that I have two beautiful girls 8 and 5 and I am currently still their favorite flavor. I dread the day this changes, I love doing things with my girls and hope it continues for a very long time. Currently they are both competitive gymnasts and as this is something I really enjoy it gives us time together as I am involved in the club committee etc.

  2. Stacy Lewis says:

    Such a great story! Thankfully, my oldest is a girl but she’s hit the dreaded teenage years where her tablet & phone are her priorities. Last week I made us hair appts since she’s been wanting hilights & we were at the salon 3 hours. It was so enjoyable because for those 3 hours it was just me & her. Granted she did have her phone but we were taking funny pics of us with tinfoil in our hair & making funny faces. She was my lil girl again. Afterwards we went out to eat. It was a great night that I will have to schedule again.

  3. Sue G. says:

    I’m so glad I found you as an author. You are so funny and I could see us being friends in real life! I read your About Me on your website! I love Italian, with Mexican second! Don’t even get me started on Krispy Kreme. I have my email to get my free donut for my birthday this week! 😉 My 3 girls are 20 – 15 with the 2nd one always driving me NUTS!!!! She is a senior this year in high school and is so unorganized we are afraid when she leaves for college. But onto your question…

    I’ve tried racquetball. Hubby was big into it in college and right when we first got married. After trying to play doubles with him and another couple and getting hit by the racquet at least 3 times, I quit.

    I loved playing softball…slow or fastpitch. I even got my hubby to start playing. While in college, every summer we had a coed team. Most of the girls we hung around with were very athletic so it was fun because we usually kicked everyone elses butts! The guys on the other teams would always try to hit to us not realizing we could all actually play!

  4. Hi Ladies!! *said as I slide in sideways and come to a screeching halt*

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to get here to reply to your comments!! It’s been one of those weeks.

    Kathleen – both times I was pregnant I wanted a girl so badly I could hardly stand it. And then I had my boys and I thought, “What would I have done with a gir?” I’m such a tomboy myself, I never did any “girlie” things, I think my daughters would have been miserable with me as their mom. 😀 The teenage years were tough on me and my mom – the counselor says it’s because if things don’t get rough and uncomfortable then the child won’t ever leave home. But it only lasted a short time and then she was back to being my best friend. I’m glad you can enjoy the gymnastics with them, it sounds like it’s a great bonding experience for them, as well as you with them.

  5. Stacy – That sounds like a great mother/daughter fun day! Maybe you could do manis/pedis next time, just as a way to switch it up and do it more often. Nails need color more often than hair! LOL

  6. Sue – I’m glad you found me too! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, and hopefully we’ll be able to meet in person one day.

    *See above comment about needing to be uncomfortable to leave home* 🙂

    I loved playing softball with my friends in college! It wasn’t anything organized, just a bunch of us getting together on a Sunday afternoon at the high school to play. It was a great mix of men/women and we had so much fun. I haven’t thought of that in a long time – thanks for bringing back the fond memory! 🙂

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