Posted Oct 6 2014, 2:08 pm

HAPPY RELEASE DAY to my dear friend CARA CARNES!!!! Isn’t that cover amazing?!

If you’ve never read a Cara Carnes story, you’re missing out!! I’ve known Cara for years, have been critique partners with her for over 6 years, and I can tell you her books are amazing!!!

Here’s the blurb for PHOENIX RISING, taken from Amazon:

Sometimes you have to crumble to ashes before you can fly.

Riletta knew hardship. As a shifter who couldn’t shift, she was raised in a wolf pack that ostracized her. She was ready to tackle the world when she was dropped off at the university with no identity, very little cash, and the only thing she wanted—freedom. The last thing she expected was for the university’s resident Alpha wolf to stake a claim.

Macen Giordano hadn’t expected the little female to bring out his protective wolf, but he’s not about to let university politics harm the innocent shifter. Riles may not be wolf, but she is his.

When prejudices threaten them both and shed light on her true nature, the two must survive the impossible to earn their destiny.

PHOENIX RISING is currently available at Amazon and iBooks. When the Barnes & Noble goes live, I’ll come back and add the link.

I hope you have a great Monday and a great start to your week!!

Peace and love,

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