Posted Dec 19 2014, 2:07 pm

I woke up this morning to a Google alert that led me to Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews and a touching, amazing review for GOING ALL IN. I love mornings that start like this! LOL

Here’s a portion of the review. If you’re interested, the entire review can be found here

“…. From beginning to end I was completely charmed by these two seemingly different people and their precarious past. I love how over time they peeled back each other’s layers and found the real person underneath; the person that captivated them and the person who would come to mean so much to them. Going All In is another spectacular addition to this series and if you aren’t reading author Alannah Lynne then you are missing out on some of the sexiest romance out there.”

Thanks, Slick Reads, for putting a big ol’ grin on my face this morning, as well as a tear in my eye! 

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